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Tuesday, April 19, 2005 


first of all, new zealand won and the team performed the haka topless. the video (apologies for the bad quality, 2MB+, 26 sec) can be downloaded somewhere in this post. =)

this year, i volunteered once again. but i chose a different job this time round. instead of being a runner for the stadium announcer, i was working as a traffic cop at the players' area.

the main part of my job was making sure that the teams were at the tunnel, ready to run out to the pitch, at the right time. and telling them that they could run on.

next to the tunnel, the new zealand sevens team rest area. =)

on saturday, there was a big issue with some volunteers - a group of starstruck teenage girls - who were there more to hobknob with players rather than to do work. it was a long drawn out series of incidents which lead the players' area manager to tell them not to bother coming to help on sunday.

sunday began with a bang. the short story is that i gave the tournament director a piece of my mind.

the long story... hahah... i don't think i'm going to tell. suffice to say, i'm glad i pointed out his mistake. i think part of what makes him a good tournament director is that people pee in their pants when he gets mad. still, if anyone makes a mistake, he/she should be told.

that's what i did. i told him.

anyway, i performed my role as it was supposed to be performed. hardly any hitches with timing throughout the whole tournament. the players' area manager has already booked me to do the same job at next year's sevens!

the rugby was magnificent. the final, a tad disappointing for an england fan. but new zealand winning wasn't too bad. i could think of other winners which would provoke a violent reaction from me.

i would write more but i'm really tired. have to sleep. will try and post photos. remember to find the haka video link...

Too easy to find... Although a non-blogspot user would take a while longer. ;Þ

heheh... you'll be surprised how many people don't know that's a link...

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