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Saturday, April 09, 2005 

bad (car)ma

i've never had so much problems with a car. the bad feeling i had when they upgraded my booking for a nissan pulsar to a toyota camry was well founded. sitting in the car, i was very uncomfortable with the layout.

i drove to st. carthage's for cosdu's first friday mass. big mistake.

driving from church to dinner at lygon, i scratched, nay, dented the right rear door while trying to park. where i thought there was space to manoeuver was a big kangaroo bar - a huge metal 'bumper' preventing vehicles from taking damage if they hit kangaroos and other wildlife. the bars are also known to inflict damage on other vehicles.

the morning drive to sarah's wedding went by incident-free, amazingly.

coming back was a different story.

after dropping off my passengers, i was in dire need to take a leak. this is, naturally, the time when murphy rears his head.

every single traffic light i encountered from college square on lygon street to adrian's apartment on franklin street just had to be red.

then in the garage, for the first time, there were no available lots for guests. adrian's lot was empty, so i parked there hastily, and got to the loo before anything embarassing happened.

went back to the car to gather my things. noticed that the cigarette lighter thingy was missing (i'd removed it to power my ipod). it was nowhere to be found.

decided to top up the petrol instead of doing it the following day before returning the ill-fated car. was careless and didn't notice that i'd overfilled the tank.

after getting in the car to leave the petrol station, i realised that:
1. i didn't lock the car, and
2. the reading light was on thro' the journey from adrian's place to the petrol station (as i was trying to search for the missing thingy earlier).

when i got back to the garage, i was lucky enough - guess not everything goes against you even though it seems that way - to get a lot.

i'll be very glad to return the car tomorrow morning. good riddance.

hopefully the insurance covers the damage.


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