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Sunday, July 03, 2005 

the nerve

i am usually nonplussed by singaporeans' behaviour in general.

the "evil monster at the back of the bus" syndrome.

the "race to see if you can alight before i board the train" competition.

the "mobile DJ - play all your ringtones at full blast" phenomenon.

but today, i was beyond bewildered. agitated didn't quite capture my state of being either. i was... enraged... fuming at a lady in the cinema.

her child was wailing at the top of her voice that she wanted to go home. this started during the advertisements and did not abate when the film started.

i had already turned around during the ads to shoot a menacing glare of disapproval. the mother apparently did not read the meaning behind it: get your kid to keep quiet or leave the cinema.

i'm not the kind to take this sort of nonense. most singaporeans would just mutter under their breath, wishing the kid would keep quiet or that the parent would take the child out of the cinema or that someone would give her a piece of their mind.

the first two weren't happening, so i helped the mother to understand my earlier non-verbal message. i was not about to spend two hours watching a show with added surround sound effects.

this mother, singaporean that she is, did not heed my words. no, she of course, paid for the tickets just like anyone else and was entitled to watch the movie, come what may. wailing daugther or not. never mind that.

angry mother in response to my ultimatum: "something something EXPLETIVE something somethings something, F!@#$%"

whoa, lady. i'm not in the wrong here. your child is crying. you are not the only ones in the cinema. pacify your child outside and bring her back in once she's calmed down. if you can't, then don't spoil it for everyone else.

and you had the nerve to hurl vulgarities at me in front of your children and others' as well?


i somehow picture someone out there blogging about this bald 'indian' a**hole who told her off rudely in the cinema for something that was not her fault. and that she paid good money to watch the show too...

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Oh no, that's terrible! I'm never really sure whether to be just mad or sad for the parents, but in any case IMHO it's only decent that they step out, they're not really getting their money's worth anyways...
Really brave of ya to go talk to her!
just curious, was it a heartland or orchard-area theatre?

It was at GV Marina.

Velle, thought you left a comment. Somehow, it has disappeared from my blog... I wish you were able to strangle the woman for me.

Hmm... Velle, just remembered you asked what movie it was.

Batman Begins.

you poor thing!

nothing new isn't it???

Did she sit through the whole movie with the wailing spoilt brat?

Nope, the GV staff were alerted after the ruckus, and she was asked to leave.

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