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Thursday, April 21, 2005 

unlikely day

today, my office was a construction site.

no, i'm not referring to the renovations taking place in my office building.

i was at the construction site of the nus high school (of math and science, as it says on the badge) documenting the flexible education team setting up a video conference.

the link was to the temporary premises of nus high for a top-out ceremony which coincides with their speech day.

hard to picture, i know. whatever it is, i was at the construction site most of the day, documenting the process on film.

i was also at the temporary premises for a couple of hours. lena, one of my closest friends, was there as the company she works for was hired to do this event.

now, i'm waiting for my melbourne photos to upload. (damn, it's taking soooo long.) had to do it from work as my laptop at home can't seem to take the strain. just as well... one of the air-conditioning units in my office went kaput and the repairman just came not too long ago.

any other day, there wouldn't be anyone in the office at this time.

an unlikely day.


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