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Tuesday, July 12, 2005 

shameless plug

my third, and hopefully final, post for today is a shameless plug for the sunny island blog.

the short of it: it's a things-to-do-in-singapore blog. mitokondrion - my new-found co-contributor - and i will attempt to preview and review interesting - to us, lah - ways to spend your leisure time. read it. subscribe to the blog's feed or the rsscalendar feed(s). link it on your blog. recommend it to your friends. (what is this feed? can eat, ah?)

the long of it: i have always maintained that there is plenty to do in singapore. working on sunny island has only served to cement my conviction. there's just so many things to do, that not all of it can be listed in sunny island.

right now, we will preview and review what we can. understandably, these will tend to coincide with our interests. in time, i'm hoping to have a small group of contributors with a wide range of interests who feel the same way about singapore.

the posts currently contain previews and reviews. i'm hoping to do a few posts on venue-specific leisure activities such as paintball and specific venues such as board-game cafes.

the sidebar will link to ongoing and upcoming events. a lot of events in singapore are major, with plenty of fringe activities, so it's best to check out the specific websites.

the rsscalendar. i will rectify that formatting problem. it's barely readable at the moment. anyway, the rsscalendar contains all the upcoming events that we have deemed worthy of attention. the best way to view the calendar is to subscribe to the feed. you can subscribe to the overall feed, the weekly feed, the activities feed, the events feed, the exhibitions feed and the performances feed. nifty, eh?

there are tons of activities and events buried in the dark corners of websites and in obscure mailing lists. let sunny island shed light on these. =)

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totally unrelated to your blog post... do you have a cousin called sarah?

yes, i do have a cousin named sarah...

hey, would be glad to contribute to your sunny island blog. but only can do it on saturdays when i've more free time - the rest of it is spent doing stuff around the island!

harlowe! glad to have you on board. let me know which email address - by more secure/private means - to send the invite.

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