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Wednesday, August 10, 2005 

old times | photography

we sat around the table. eating. chatting.

it seemed like old times, when we were neighbours. or at least within walking distance.

and 'walking distance' being relative, everyone seemed close by.

we talked past midnight. anything and everything under the sun. except ourselves.

still, it was good. because sleep would have been the much easier option.


two blog entries. two friends. both to do with photography. both mentioned me.

i'm sorry i caused you pain. i'm glad that you've found a closure. one of many since i believe there's no one big closure, just little steps along the way.

i'm not worthy of such praise. i merely helped to open a window. you looked out and saw, where others might have just seen an open window.

p.s. i'm being quite presumptuous 'cos i was never mentioned by name in one of the entries. even if i'm not the person mentioned, what i wrote still holds true.

2.18am as i complete this post. goodnite...

erm..okay...i'm lost but well, i hope you are feeling better. :)


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