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Tuesday, July 19, 2005 

long weekend

i spent three days on my feet. well, not the whole of three days but at least six hours on each of the days.

sat and sun, i did my maiden guiding of the pasir panjang heritage trail. i've received positive feedback, but i feel i can do a lot better. there's so much more i can do and learn to make the walk more interesting.

i shall have to research (and remember) more thoroughly before the september walks.

it was good seeing singaporeans braving the rain to learn about our natural and historical heritage.

met a few people. someone who knows damian. an OC from my reservist unit. another from risen christ who knows my seniors from cjc.

i also had to say "i don't know" more times in two hours than i ever have in my life. it's amazing how much some people know.


apologies for the disjointed post. i still haven't recovered from the weekend. and today was not a good day at work. to compound things, the spare camera i'm renting for this weekend - from someone on clubsnap - has suffered the same fate as my camera. the blinking yellow light of death. so no spare camera this weekend. *sweats*

then bloglines went on the fritz. thankfully, everything's back to normal. now, i will backup my feeds regularly. i shouldn't have to had gone through something like this to make regular backups the norm.

back to work. yes. well. actually, i don't want to talk about it. thot the end of that major project was the end of the big headache. now i'm beginning to see every change in a different light.



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