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Thursday, August 18, 2005 


i am truly amazed at the quality and quantity of blog posts that i read daily.

the msm (mainstream press) makes bloggers out to be lifeless (worthless?) souls with nary an interest in being part of the human race. or perhaps, bloggers don't sleep.

while i'm not entirely sure about the latter, the former is untrue. plenty of bloggers live life to the fullest, think critically about what they have observed and experienced. and, the best part, they share it with the world.

i am truly amazed that they make the time for blogging.

it's discipline to write. to write well. and to write consistently.

and yet, they do. there are plenty of examples.

one is ringisei's response to the non-elected president. the post is lucid, to say the least. our reporters (there are no journalists in singapore) can't come up with anything as coherent. yet their job supposedly involved writing. (what's that i hear? oh. reporters don't deal with theory, only real life. right.) where did ringisei find the time to whip this up? i have no idea. i'm sure that he has plenty of things to do besides coming up with brilliant musings.

or mr wang's detailed analysis of the four-person protest, which he contends was entirely legal. stuff you won't find in the papers.

but a certain janice wong, begs to differ. "I have not come across any commentary by bloggers that could give a perspective on the issue (referring to kidneygate) not already in the newspapers," she opines.

by extrapolation, that would apply to any other issue. which leads to the conclusion that a) she doesn't read that many blogs or b) the newspapers are the be all and end all of opinions. she obviously has not come across rockson (parental advisory, explicit lyrics language, incendiary content). who knows what his reaction might be if he read her article (I blog for Numero Uno. 31 July 2005, New Paper, p. 30).

but i digress. you see, in comparison to ringisei and mr wang, i had two potential posts by the time i reached my office in the morning. potential, being the operative word.

one was a possibile response to zuraidah ibrahim's article in the straitjacket times about the debate surrounding the (non) elected president being misguided. another was my perennial peeve about passengers not moving to the back of the bus.

by the end of today, both remained potential. even janice's article was a potential response that never came to fruition. trust me, i was really riled up by what she said.

anyway, it's an hour and 20 minutes since i first started writing this post. i end here, abruptly, as i have always done in my essays. conclusions have never been my forte. not exactly the post i envisioned when i started writing it.

but at least, i let my thoughts out for a run.

p.s. apologies to my professional writing lecturer, carolyne lee. i know you that parentheses are a no-no, but i was being lazy.

p.p.s. there's plenty of good stuff out there, better than the straitjacket times. all discoverable via rss. sign up and/or install a feed reader. subscribe to some rss feeds and enjoy!

Discipline to write, to write well and to write consistent...

totally agree but I'm far from that.

I started. I wrote. I stopped. and now I am writing again... and let's hope I can continue.

yup, i hope that you continue! =)

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