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Friday, October 28, 2005 

ranking | hanging

as much as i believe ranking is highly subjective and should be taken with a pinch of salt, i was amused by the almost congruent switch between the place where i work and the place where i studied:

  • where i work: 22 (down from 18)

  • where i studied: 19 (up from 22) (IIRC)

the given reason?

higher weightage given to employer reviews.

i must be doing a good job... ;)

taken my salt and had my personal chuckle. now, back to earning my pay.

but before i get back to work...

in more serious australia-singapore news, Nguyen Tuong Van is set to hang.

australia should butt out of what is essentially a matter of local law.

singapore should seriously consider rescinding the death penalty forever. we've grown up. drug trafficking can be dealt with in other ways.

update: melbournians seek papal intervention. when it suits them, they ask for help. when it doesn't...

Hello, hello... it's been a while.

yeah, I've been keeping an eye on the media here regarding the Nguyen case. They've been a lot gentler here in their regard of Singapore's judicial system than they were over Schapelle Corby. Lot less scathing, more respectful even.

Wondering if it has anything to do with
1. Schapelle Corby being young, white and pretty
2. Nguyen... not.

Good to know you're loving the job and it's been a year! Wonderful stuff. Congrats!

I've been following the news on Nguyen's case as well - Melbourne's main broadsheet is reporting it everyday for the last two weeks while apparently Singapore's Straits Times carried a 350 word report on one day only.

Hi velle,

Yes, indeed, it has been a while. Hope you're fine in Canberra.

The Melbourne papers, I think, are up in arms - more so than papers from the other states, understandably.

Yesterday, a Melbourne journo did his bit of sabre rattling, implying that Singapore is a barbaric place and that Australians should boycott Singapore-owned companies e.g. Optus, SIA.

He should also suggest that heathen Singapore students stay at home instead of pumping millions into the Australian economy. Don't want to taint a civilized society, do we?

Incidentally, I did read a commentrary about the Schapelle Corby-Nguyen comparison. An Australian writer, accusing the Australian press of bias. That was some time ago, I can't remember where I read it.

Besides the damsel-in-distress angle, there are also significant differences in the geopolitical context. That factors into the quantity and quality of coverage.


Yupz, I'm grateful every day for my job and my colleagues. =)

Hi adrian,

Yup, ST has covered it a lot less than The Age. But I think ST's coverage is a bit more than your estimate.

What can you expect from a press that is based on the 'National Development' model?

Drug smugglers are bad.
Drug smugglers must be hung.
Simple as that.

Or is it?

Gambling is bad.
Gambling must be kept away from our shores.
*Oh wait*
Vices are associated with casinos.
Drug abuse is a vice.
Drug smugglers are bad.
Drug smugglers must be hung.
Welcome, casinos!

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