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Monday, October 17, 2005 

boost brain power at work

article from cnn.com via careerbuilder.com

to summarize:
1. don't obssessively check your email, sms, rss feeds
2. eight hours of sleep
3. eat a high protein breakfast, boost energy with carbo and drink lots of water
4. exercise your body
5. exercise your brain too
6. think positive and loving thoughts

sounds like common sense, yet how many of us do these things as a matter of habit?

Hmmmm let's see ...

#1 - check, I do them regularly, but not obssessively.
#2 - no check, I survive on an average of 5 hours of sleep daily. Too many things to do, but too little time.
#3 - no check, I normally go without breakfast.
#4 - sleep also not enough time liao where got time for exercise?
#5 - check.
#6 - no check.

2 out of 6. Great, sounds like my brain's on its way to degradation. :)

no positive and loving thoughts?

i have positive and loving thoughts




mr bing: that's positive. where's the loving? xiaxue? heheh...

No loving.

There's nothing between XX and me lah. The Class 95 thing was purely for fun. In fact, we're not even in contact anymore!

7 more days to Bangkok!


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