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Thursday, August 25, 2005 

google talk

ladies and gentlemen... presenting google talk.

according to their about page, you can use google to talk or instant message them for free. if you already have a gmail account, you can use google talk. you'll also need a headset with a microphone, of course.

a challenger to msn messenger, skype and gizmo all-in-one.

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wow...sounds cool!!! but not it would be that ideal to that in the office... can be caught chatting with friends easily... it's not like msn yahoo etc... fingers do the talking...

yup, but it's a good thing to have to make overseas calls. for free. =)

quite a number of people i know use skype tho. of course, not as good as a paid conversation for overseas calls, but decent enough.

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Yo KGP... First time i'm leaving a comment? How's it going...
Google Talk huh. With the advent of google earth and stuff. we wonder what's next. This is what one person interprets 2015 to be.

hey, adrian. cool, wasn't aware that you blogged too.

watching the epic link now...

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