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Tuesday, August 23, 2005 

family tree

i've signed up for an account with the singapore family tree. it's always been something i've wanted to do. the website, of course, is a tool. to really make this work, i'll have to devote time to research my family. who knows, i might even make a trip to melaka. or beyond.

the sft account is free for a year, after which, it's $30/year to maintain the account. if i've found a wealth of history over the coming year that can be put into the family tree, i'll maintain the account. for now, i've put in the little that i know as a starting point. you know, that saying about the journey of a thousand miles.

interestingly, i've already come across a relationship that the sft might have a problem reflecting accurately. you see, my dad's sister married my mum's brother. also, i don't see any provision in the service for 2nd spouses, be it after divorce or death or other reasons. perhaps, i have to input the divorce/death dates before i'm given the option. that's another possible pothole, 'cos my maternal grandmother was married twice. her first husband, alledgedly, died in a train accident. but rumour has it that he ran away...


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