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Saturday, August 20, 2005 

singapore past [updated]

found two galleries with 'old' photos of singapore. 'old' is relative, of course. things change here so fast that even photos from five years ago seem very different. so it's pretty amazing to look back at photos before digital cameras.

if you've got your camera while your out, take a photo of your surroundings 'cos you'll never know when it's going to change.

Singapore (1988-1990) by Rudi Knust and
Singapore - 1978 by Nikola Gruev.

via sg_snapshots.

anyone else have old shots of singapore?

p.s. just got some nice prints of old singapore... thank you! =)

more links to old photos:
Disappearing Singapore by Stuart Clyne - nice abstracts
City_Singapore by Lennert Carlsen - check out the skyline before the durians
Singapore 2001 & 1991 by Gary Eckert
Singapore 1992 by Vlado Marinkovic - another skyline of the harbour
Singapore (undated) by Robert Kitay - the merlion in it's original position, bussorah street when it was still a street...

SkyscraperCity Forums: Old photos of the City!

last but certainly not least, the granddaddy of singapore photo archives: Picture Archives Singapore (PICAS) from the National Heritage Board

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you're welcome =>

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