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Thursday, August 25, 2005 

justin r

conversations with justin, never a dull moment. (conversation edited for flow)

[12:00] *-) Justin: Google just released an IM. http://www.google.com/talk/
[12:00] kenneth pinto: hahaha
[12:00] kenneth pinto: i already know about that
[12:00] *-) Justin: Why do you know things before I do? Google Talk was released yesterday.
[12:01] kenneth pinto: because of the nature of my work
[12:01] kenneth pinto: and the fact that i subscribe to many RSS feeds
[12:01] *-) Justin: Damn your feeds! DAMN THEM !!
[12:01] *-) Justin: It's no fun telling you things.
[12:01] *-) Justin: Next you'll tell me you already know that oil is now $67 a barrel.
[12:02] kenneth pinto: nope, i don't track oil prices...
but i can, if i am so inclined :)
[12:02] *-) Justin: But I know 1 thing you don't know.
[12:02] *-) Justin: Guess.
[12:02] *-) Justin: Guess!
[12:02] *-) Justin: GUESS!
[12:02] kenneth pinto: you got a job?
[12:02] *-) Justin: F@#$!
[12:02] kenneth pinto: :)
[12:02] *-) Justin: You get that on RSS feeds too?
[12:02] kenneth pinto: no, that was a reasoned guess
[12:03] *-) Justin: I'd smack your bald head if I could.
[12:03] kenneth pinto: hahaha... i'm not bald at the moment

heheh. yeh like when i told you about christoper walken running for president, you said you already heard about it. btw, i've signed up for g talk already.

heheh. didn't add in my post that this wasn't the first time that justin tried to tell me something that i already knew.

okies. i've got it installed but won't be using it actively yet. the messaging functions are quite spartan. more interested in the talk function...

I am so cool. Everyone loves me.

hehehe you're getting freaky kenneth!

me? freaky? nyahahahahah!

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