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Tuesday, September 13, 2005 

Kranji War Memorial Dedication Service

The wailing bagpipes pierced the morning sky at Kranji on Monday morning. 60 years ago on this day, the Japanese surrendered and World War II came to an end in South East Asia.

Soldiers, past and present, had come from Britain, from Australia, from New Zealand and elsewhere to remember their fallen brothers and sisters. To pay tribute and to honour their memory. These veterans who were at Kranji on Monday know the true price of peace. They appreciate every sunrise they've had since surviving the war.

The solemn ceremony gave testament to the men and women who perished. It would have been perfect, save for sections of a speech that prefaced the ceremony. There is a time and place to remind our citizens of the fact that peace is fragile and of the importance of defending our nation.

The ceremony was neither the time nor the place nor the right audience. Most of the audience there know through experience what was said in the speech. And the rest are more than capable of implying those points.

P.S. Check out singaporeidler's post and photos!

[Update 23 Oct 2005] Found Wow the World's take on the Commemoration Service.

Kranji War Memorial

Elizabeth Choy... Woman, war veteran, victim of the unspeakable war atrocities, and yet she stuck to her gun and stands tall today.

I shall search for her biography.

So when are we visiting the memorial?


Thanks for linking to my blog.. of cos i don't mind.. :P U have some pretty nice pictures yourself too. I like how you captured the expressions on the people on the guided tour (the last pic), Also the one with the Gurkha bag piper and bugler... many of the war dead were Gurkhas and Indians and not just Australian and British

Definitely after reservist. ;)

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