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Thursday, September 08, 2005 

mortal | immobile

"but there's always my mum", i said.


i am at that point in life when i attend the weddings of friends, the baptisms of their children and the funerals of my friends' parents.

at my friend's father-in-law's wake on tuesday, i heard about the suddeness of his death. i can only imagine the shock and pain they are still going through, even as i type this. i've tried imagining it before but being at a wake helps turn the imagination's embers into a raging fire.

if only for a while.

'cos i said made that statement at the start of the post not long after reaching home from the wake.

of course, i caught myself shortly after i blurted it. no, my mum, my dad, the people i love, my friend, myself... one day, we will return to ashes.

that's so easy to say. it's so blatantly obvious. yet, i never seem to realise it until something happens.


in trivial news, i accidentally left my mobile phone at home for the first time ever. so, today, i am immobile.

and there'll always be you =)

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