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Thursday, November 17, 2005 

Sail Away, Baby

If she can't believe that she's going to be sailing the ocean deep in a few days time, she's not alone.

Lena is going to be spending the next few months on the Uniquely Singapore Clipper. I can't remember exactly when she first told me about this idea. At the time, I think I told her to just go for the interview and take things from there.

Well, she went. And now, she's going.

On Saturday, she leaves for Durban, South Africa, to join up with the clipper and her crew, as the Uniquely Singapore team starts the 3rd crew leg and the fourth race. Yes, the yacht is part of the Clipper '05-'06 Round the World Yacht Race.

At the time of this post, Singapore is 5th out of 10 yachts. (Update: We just lost out to Liverpool before arriving at Durban - 6th of 10.) [Update of the update: Singapore and Liverpool have been ruled by the race stewards to have finished joint 5th. After a 4000 mile race. Almost as amazing as the three cars with the exact same qualifying time - to the thousandth of a second - in a F1 qualifying many years back.]

Lena, I'm excited for you; I'm nervous for you too.

Take care. Do your best. Enjoy the experience - I know you will.

Not many people get to make their dreams come true. Savour it. Blog if you can. =)

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.

See you back home in 2006.


P.S. Just discovered their photo album has an rss feed! Cool. =) The image in this post is from the gallery.

i like the new look of your blog... easier to read now!

I was also contemplating to do an overhaul change of my blog but I guess I leave that to when I return home. It's probably gonna take a few months to adapt back to the reality life...sigh

Actually it's so near that I can't still can't believe it. I am having dreams of myself in Durban dancing with the zulus... hahahah

Thanks! I think it's easier to read too. =)

Yah, I don't think you'll believe it 'til a few moments after you board the yacht. For me, it always takes a long time for travels and special occasions to sink in.

Hahah... okies, don't dance too much. Save your strength for sailing!

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