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Monday, February 20, 2006 


12 noon. Denise's birthday lunch at Paulaner Brauhaus. Buffet. Meat galore. Free flow of beer. Eat to heart's content. Stomach protests.

2 pm. Follow my parents to Harvey Norman to get a new cordless phone. Needed the walk.

3 pm. Meet Sister Theresa with Adrian, Dennis, Felicia, Gerry and Terence at TCC next to Plaza Singapura. Have a Latte Mocha. (Or is it a Mocha Latte?)

5 pm. Terence and Felicia go on their way. Accompany Sister Theresa to JL, where she meets fellow nuns. Follow Dennis on his quest for new jeans. Adrian offers his. (And we were just talking about Brokeback Mountain prior to that. You make your own conclusions.)

6 pm. Follow Gerry for dinner at S-11 Cuppage. Have lime juice and Cheng Tng.

7 pm. Gerry leaves Adrian, Dennis and I. Adrian decides he is hungry. We eat at Sakae Sushi, Heeren. I have two pieces of Genkan Sushi. Still full from lunch.

8.50 pm to 9 pm. International phone call.

9 pm. Meet Theresa and Cheryl at Starbucks. Have a Raspberry Frap. Feel stomach churning.

11.15 pm. Home. Toilet. Frap turns to crap.

11.45 pm. Crap again. Watery stuff again.

12.15 am. The third time. Hopefully the last for tonight.


I cannot believe you actually put that in.

Errr... yah, I did. Should have put a warning label on the post.

you sure know how to embarrass.

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