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Friday, February 10, 2006 


Honda ChoirWow.

What's the sound of car in motion?

A 60-strong choir apparently.

I'm sure many have seen and remember Honda's amazing Cog TVC.

It looks like their advertising agency - assuming it's the same agency - has outdone themselves with their latest effort. I've downloaded it and watched it over and over and over.

Engine revving. Sun roof opening. Wind against your hair. Bumps. Window closing. Rain and wipers. Demister. Different road surfaces. CD in and music. Flooring the acceleratorrrrrrr. 2 minutes of motoring bliss like you've never heard before.

As I've said about motor racing: it's all about the sound. Watch Formula 1 without the sound, and you've lost 95% of the thrill.

This Honda ad goes to show that the thrill of driving is a very organic, aural experience.

P.S. Dear Honda, the video download is just that: a download. Don't confuse people by calling it a video podcast.

Update: Cog and Choir were conceived by the same advertising agency: Wieden & Kennedy. Both ads were directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet and produced by Partizan.

Memories of advertising and copywriting class are flooding back...



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