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Wednesday, January 18, 2006 


Ten years ago today, I enlisted in the Army. Can't believe it's been that long.

Posing for a photo after dawn on the 2nd anniversary of enlistment. It was the final day of an overseas exercise in Thailand.

On medical cover in Brunei. They put thunderflashes in the river to scare away the crocs so that the men could do the river crossing in relative safety.


We were in green a decade ago?

No shit. Time flies by in a hurry.

My God, I swear I still tell my boys that "... when I was serving my NS 8 years ago ..." without realizing that time had simply caught up and overtook me.

15 more months to the big 3-0!

Yah, it's been a decade. Astounding.

Time caught up with me too. I kept on thinking I'm still 26... So, NS was 8 years ago.

(I guess you've been going by your ORD date lah...)

Gee...you have indeed put on weight.

Sorry to sound completely insensitive...but I really couldn't help it..

Yes. The equivalent of one full jerry can.


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