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Sunday, December 11, 2005 

Adding categories to blogger

Blogger doesn't have categories. There are a few ways to get around this. I am trying out the greasemonkey method for adding categories to blogger using Firefox.

Users of the 'Blue E', it's time to change your browser. ;)

It seems to work. I hope the formatting doesn't go all awry if I use more than one category.

Now, I have to decide what categories I want!


my way around categories was to have various blogs. which does serve its purpose since i do prefer to protect the public from my stranger facets.

Well, I do have a few blogs, including two non-starters - one on edtech and one on politics. Easier just to have most of the stuff here. singapurathisweek, of course is a separate project.
I guess I have less of an issue with my identity. Most edtech bloggers recommend that bloggers be open about their identity. I guess for the same reasons that ST requires all forum letters to submit their actual names.
Or perhaps not.

Test post for my comments feed.

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