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Thursday, December 08, 2005 


I found out about the New York Public Library's RSS feeds from the RSS Compendium Blog.

Now, this is a library which gets Ress (or RSS, if you haven't been clued in). There are feeds for librarians' recommendations, events, exhibitions and the latest additions to their databases and indexes.

Unfortunately, this is all lost on our National Library Board. Yes, the NLB is either ignorant or dismissive about RSS. Or a concoction of both.

Which is strange 'cos there are bloggers like Rambling Librarian around.

What truly astounds me is how... Well. I'll not call the NLB names. I'll let you judge for yourself. I sent them this email:
Hi there,

I'm just wondering if you have an email update for events or a regular newsletter covering the latest happenings at the libraries around Singapore. If there is, I'd like to subscribe.


This was the reply:
Dear Sir,

At present we do not have email services for library events/activities. You may refer to the library programme brochure or website for events update.

NLB Helpdesk

The NLB does a terrific job with their activities, events and exhibitions. Fullstop.

Hello. Here in a Greenwich Village, there's a battle going on. This NYC blog covers these library issues:

Hi there, I don't know if you count High Browse Online and Programmes@100 Victoria Street as a start towards NLB providing RSS feeds. My colleagues are working towards providing other feeds. Meantime, please feel free to email me direct at ivanchew@nlb.gov.sg for any other feedback and suggestions. BTW, I might have a word with our Quality Service Manager about the standard reply... I guess we can do better :) *Views expressed here are my own, and does not necessarily reflect those of my employer*

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