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Monday, December 05, 2005 


What is Ress?

Ress is a simple solution to an unpronouncable problem.

That problem is RSS' less-than-friendly name.

It already has an identity crisis: Really Simple Syndication, RDF Site Summary (the person who came up with this one must be a Singaporean), Rich Site Summary...

The least we can do it to give it a proper name. Something that can roll off peoples' tongues.


Say it together now: Ress.

No more Are Ess Ess. Just Ress will do, thank you very much.

I'm not the first to propose a name change. Amy Gahran ran a 'Rename RSS' contest on her Contentious blog.

The winner was 'webfeed'.

I didn't take part then, as I hadn't thought of a new name at that point.

Webfeed doesn't roll off my tongue.

Ress does.

You can say Ress in different languages. (Is webfeed webmakan in Malay?)


The name maintains a link to its convoluted and confused identity: Really Simple Syndication.

Spread the Ress, everyone! Spread your Ress too!

Now, if only I can rename this other unpronouncable thing at work.

Oh, forgot to mention. This post is in response to Yahoo's RSS White Paper, part of my little push to "help move RSS into the mainstream".

I'll say it now....Ress.....Ress..

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