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Saturday, December 03, 2005 


I've enabled Blogger's Backlinks for a while now. It's not the best implementation of this function. Most people wouldn't bother to paste the permalink URL of their post in my blog, assuming they have referred to a post here.

Then, I came across Jasper de Vries' custom blogger backlinks. After tweaking with the code, I got it to fit the look and feel of my blog.


I need someone to test it! Someone please link to this post. It should be picked up by Google's blog search, and it'll automatically appear under Links to this post e.g. here.

It is like a pseudo-technorati "who links to me" or an Icerocket feed monitoring a certain search term. In the case of Backlinks, the 'search' is on a post level and the results are displayed in the referenced post itself.

Besides Jasper's Browservulsel, I've only seen successful implementation of backlink automation on Richard Chappell's Philosophy, et cetera.

Backlinks or trackbacks take comments to a step further. It enables a discussion to be thrown open to a wider audience. It is also encouragement for bloggers as they can see that others value what they write enough to comment or critique it.

Update Siva has linked to this post from Otterman speaks... and his Blogger sandbox.

He linked to this post in both blogs as Google's Blog Search might not index non-blogger blogs. As it turns out, Otterman speaks... (and Raffles Museum News) are indexed by the GBS. It will be interesting to find out how often GBS indexes blogs and whether it prioritizes Blogger blogs.

I'm not sure if GBS uses pings to detect blog updates. Regardless, there are a few incongruent results.

Raffles Museum News is referenced in GBS by its Feedburner feed. It indicates that the blog was last updated 12 hours ago. But the posts marked as updated 12 hours ago are from more than a month ago. Each Raffles Museum post is referenced by the feed.

On the other hand, Otterman speaks..., which also has a Feedburner feed, was apparently last updated on 26 Nov. Interestingly, the search results for this blog reference the blog itself!

Why does GBS index a Feedburner Feed in one case but not the other? Does this account for the time lag? Or are the spiders that index the two sites on different schedules?

This is all quite puzzling and intriguing.

Further update As if these weren't a big enough mystery, this post has already been backlinked in Browservulsel's custom blogger backlinks post.

Perhaps because I used KingPing? Or is it because I use Blogger?

And more Looks like I have inadvertently backlinked myself. At least now I know it works. Pinging probably helps.


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