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Saturday, December 31, 2005 


I'm not one to make resolutions. But I'll make an exception this year. I'll look at it as having a plan. 'Cos you know what they say about failing to plan.

So, here's the roadmap for 2006:

1. Take more photos
I've not been taking lots of photos over the past two years. As such, my photography has gone to the pits. Practice makes perfect (or at least, it helps improve skills).

On a related note, I'm stopping the on-the-side work, not that there was much in the first place. I need to rediscover the joy.

2. Lose weight
Yes, I have had enough of my brother poking - and poking fun at - my stomach. Ten years after enlisting in the army in an Obese Company i.e. 5-month BMT instead of 3 months, it's time to invoke the spirit of Hawk Company and shed those kilos.

My dad can do it. My mum can do it. My brother can do it. Time for me to get cracking.

3. Blog more
I advocate blogging for various reasons. But I don't seem to follow my advice. So, more personal posts. More edtech posts. More heritage posts. =)

4. Do a Jerry Maguire
I think a lot. About work. About science. About religion. About technology. About everything under the sun. Unfortunately, most of it never sees the light of day. (Refer to previous resolution.) Anyway, I figured that I should write everything I have observed - particularly at work, complete with suggestions for improvements - in a paper of sorts. Who knows, I might inspire some paradigm shift.

Another related note: I had visions of getting a Master in Educational Technology...

5. Save $$$$
I'm not particularly good at this. Money in the pocket is money to spend. Have to start thinking longer term. House. Family. Retirement.

Okay, maybe just a house - a.k.a. pigeon-hole-in-the-sky - to begin with.

6. Keep in touch with friends
Something else I've not been good at lately. Okay, more quality time. Fewer meaningless big gatherings. Okay?

7. Have another wonderful year with Stationery Girlâ„¢
Her turn in Melbourne. Nothing we can't surmount, yah?

From lifehack.org: How to make resolutions you'll keep


Roadmap is a great idea! We would appreciate more blogs and definitely think you should go for your M.E.T. After all, we refer to you as an Internet Oracle, so we are really waiting for that Jerry Macguire to come forth with those insightful blogs, escpecially tech and edtech!

heh! I'm not sure who "we" in the previous post refers to, but I am sure that you will certainly succeed because I'll be striving for them too.

Yah, forgot that Stationery Girl is a secret identity. =P

Superheroine and all that...

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