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Sunday, January 08, 2006 

Alison's Wedding

Yesterday seemed like an auspicious day for getting married. Mr Brown went to Cowboy's wedding. Other friends of friends were getting married. I was invited for a Mass Comm classmate's wedding, which I had to turn down as I went for Alison's wedding.

Alison got married in a beautiful ceremony at St. Joseph's Church (Bukit Timah), celebrated by a former fellow altar boy - yes, I was one - Fr Brian D'Souza. This was followed by dinner at the Shangri-La at Sentosa, where Alison and Andrew first met.

It was also a mini-COSDU (Catholic Overseas Students Down Under, nothing to do with SDU) reunion of sorts, as friends from overseas came to celebrate the wedding. I've got a few photos. Doesn't really reflect the fun we had! It was the first friend's wedding some of the COSDUan have ever attended. It was my first COSDU wedding.

Congratulations, Alison and Andrew. Live long and prosper! ;)



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