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Thursday, January 05, 2006 

Blogging underrated! Heritage lives!

As a counterpoint to my previous post, I want to highlight a couple of inspirational blog entries I came across today. I was excited and delighted to come across these because it gave me a sense that are are like-minded people out there. The blogs also gave me a chance to interact with these bloggers. Hopefully, we can carry on the conversation online and offline.

Heritage SG, I've known about for quite a while. I subscribed to their feed but they've only become active recently. Actually, I'm not sure who 'they' are. Or is. I recall someone telling me that it's an semi-official NHB effort.

Whatever the case, they've been highlighting other blogs which have mentioned heritage places and attractions. They've blogged about the excellent Good Morning Yesterday, quoting a similar sentiment from his blog which I mentioned previously. They've also pointed out things you might not know are happening in our museums.

The cynic would call this a marketing ploy. I call it education and outreach.

Anyway, I was alerted to Places through Heritage SG. Pei Yun has excellent photos and thoughtful writeups. Her posts are simple. But they make you pause and ponder.

Back to Heritage SG. Another post highlights a podcast concerning one of my critiques of life in Singapore. Things change too fast. Unfortunately, I can't seem to access it. I've emailed the authors though. Let's hope something's done.

Update: The authors have replied. They are a couple of NTU Communications Studies students, and the site is an online journalism project. So, the podcasts are just placeholder 'dummies'. I've replied to them, asking them to move their content to a blog and to continue posting.


Hi Pinto, any way I can reach you? my e-mail's isolation9@gmail.com

Yes, you can. My email is listed on the sidebar of my blog. In any case, I've sent you an email.


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