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Saturday, February 04, 2006 

Looky what we have here!

Great Scot! I found this in Popular at Bishan. The only one left.

Back to the Future is one of my favourite films of all time. It's not, by far, the most cerebal film. The special effects are now dated. But there's a certain charm about the series, particularly the original. It's just plain fun!

And of course, there's the DeLorean. In reality, a hopelessly underperforming sports car from a company that went bankrupt even before Back to the Future screened. But I think every boy wanted to be Marty McFly in the time travelling car.

Well, owning the die-cast model is as close as it gets for me. =)

Update: Back to the futuristic | BBC News article about DeLorean - the man and the car.


Fucking cool! I'd have gotten one myself if there was another left.

But you had to take away the last one. =_=

Aey by the way, you still owe me a meme!

The DeLorean, if you are of a certain age (perhaps in your mid to late 20s now) will always have been a boyhood dream. I am a member of the DeLorean club over here in the uk.

Hmmm... well, you can check out the other Popular branches.

I forgot to mention that I got the last one for Part I. There are different models for Part II and Part III, with the coffee-grinder Mr Fusion at the back, and the oversized wheels and hood attachment respectively. Those are still in stock... =P Not the same, I know...

MeMe? What's that? Can eat ah? ;)


Excellent purchase, been seeing it around car models specialty stores, esp the one at Suntec, but never gotten to purchase it. IIRC, they priced it at abt 60-ish?


I got mine at $25 (after Popular Card discount)...

Me too - really enjoyed the movie. Saw it in 1985 with my girlfriend, now mother of my 3 kids, just b4 I left for 3 1/2 months trg in Japan. Can't believe - 20 years just zoomed into history.

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