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Friday, May 13, 2005 

sold trafford*

my beloved football club is going through a turbulent period.

i'm hoping against all hope that glazer, being the businessman that he is, hates to lose. if united loses on the field, glazer, your pocket will be hit. united is the most supported club in the world, thanks in part to the recent domination of england's top league.

i am very sure there are enough true-blue supporters who will stick through with the team no matter what. unfortunately for you, the glory-hunters are the ones who you can exploit to the fullest. it's a double edged sword: no glory, no revenue. as for the ones who bleed devils' red, you can count on them not to add to your coffers.

so glazer, you have only one choice if you persist with owning united. ensure the on-field flair and success continues - no point winning ugly.

united, to me, is about passion. feel that passion burning in the hearts of the millions of supporters worldwide - the same people you intend to make your profit from. attend a game for goodness sake. see why everyone reviles you and what you stand for.

see that - despite dropping the words "football club" from the united badge - manchester united exists because of football. take away the football and there is nothing left. not even a casino will save the day.

our history is rich with tragedy and triumph. our ground is the theatre of dreams. our colour is red.

not the green of the american dollar.

*this phrase was taken from the telegraph, uk.

Well said Kenneth. This whole ordeal will separate the glory-hunting band-wagon followers from the ones who bled Red when the take-over was confirmed.

Sigh.. you could already see this coming already. Glazer has provided United supporters with the most terrible dilemma: to stay and fight, or walk away, disillusioned by the virus that has taken such a grip on all of football: greed.

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