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Thursday, February 23, 2006 

Another anniversary: 1 year of Fr Roderick Vonhögen's podcasts

Every weekday morning, I listen to a particular priest.

No, I don't attend daily mass. But I do listen to a Podcasting Priest on The Daily Breakfast.

This podcast is the work of Fr. Roderick Vonhögen from the Archdiocese of Utrecht in Holland. Visit the StarQuest Podcast Network (SQPN) and you'll see that he has great flair for graphics and design. Listen to his podcasts and you'll hear audio shows with very high production values. He is a very talented, creative and engaging guy.

And somehow, he finds the time and energy to do this every weekday.

The Daily Breakfast is about 20 minutes to half an hour long. He usually starts by playing a song from the PodSafe Music Network or GarageBand.com. The rest of his show consists of interesting news, a fair bit of geekiness, occasional health advice, listener feedback and a segment about Catholicism called "The Peculiar Bunch".

Some listeners think he's too light on Catholic content and too heavy on 24, Lost, Star Trek, Star Wars, Macs and other geekazoid, popular culture topics. Me? I think his shows are quite well-balanced. But then, I am a geek. =P

A year ago, he started SoundSeeing tours of Rome, where he was studying. He happened to be there when Pope John Paul II passed away. He was there when Benedict XVI was announced as the new Pope. He has podcasted while running. He has podcasted from a boat. (Links in this paragraph are to mp3 files.)

Congratulations PodFather Roderick, on your first anniversary of podcasting. Keep up the terrific work, and God Bless!

You can download The Daily Breakfast directly from SQPN. The easier way, of course (you can see this one coming), is to subscribe to the podcast feed. If you're really keen, I can walk you through the process. If you're not Catholic, don't shy away from listening to his podcasts. This Breakfast is for everyone!



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