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Monday, May 23, 2005 


i was looking at the STOMP websites - the US and UK casts have separate sites for some reason - to find out if they were swinging by singapore.

someone mentioned stomp a while ago, and i was reminded of them when i saw the stomp dolby digital trailer in the cinema recently before a movie. which is why i went to the websites.

just then, theresa messages me, telling me that stomp will be in singapore end september. am i interested? of course!

such a strange coincidence that she sms-ed me when i was on the stomp website. anyway... i logged on to sistic to find out more. then, my heart sinks.

stomp will be here from 27 sept to 2 oct. while i'm slogging it out in green.


p.s. all of you who can, please watch. worth every cent.

Damnit ... and i will be missing it!! Last time i saw it was with Lydia when i was doing my attachment with SATS. That was like.... 1999! 6 years ago. *grumbles*

yup, me too. seated at the back row of kallang theatre. wanted to get a better view this time...

well, if you go to new york - there's a much higher chance of you going there from canada than me from singapore - you can catch stomp there...

haven't saw them live but i've seen videos and they're good!

They're performing in NYC? when and where sir????

Apparently, at the Orpheum Theatre.

erhmmm... will pass this time though I am interested.

I watched their performance when they first came... did we watch together? too long ago and cannot remember.

nah, i watched this with trees.

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